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While many people equate workplace harassment to unwanted sexual advances or the pervasive presence of sexual comments, harassment can come in several forms. If you are being harassed at work based on your race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation or country of origin, contact our firm at once. The Berenji Law Firm is a trusted legal resource for employees throughout Southern California. Our Los Angeles workplace harassment attorneys understand the challenging situation you are facing and our firm is committed to protecting the interests of employees suffering from harassment and unreasonable working conditions. We will advocate on your behalf, taking the legal steps necessary to put an end to the employee harassment.

Sexual Harassment

One of the most common forms of harassment is sexual harassment. This can take on many forms, all creating unbearable conditions for a worker, male or female. Circumstances can vary widely, from persistent off-color jokes to blatant requests or propositions. An employee may feel pressured to give in to protect his or her job. There are steps you can take, however, to put a stop to the behavior and reclaim a healthy work environment. We will carefully evaluate the details of the situation and how the case has unfolded, building a case on your behalf.