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Hold Your Employer Accountable For Their Behavior

When you take action based on your employer’s unlawful or unfair behavior in the workplace, there are a number of protections in place to ensure you receive no backlash. Employers far too often intimidate employees by threatening to retaliate when they bring up an issue, and this intimidation should never be accepted.

Berenji Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, stands up for workers across California, ensuring they are protected and feel secure when holding their employers accountable for their behavior. It’s time we level the playing field, and fight back for the fair and equal workplace every worker deserves.

Whistleblower Protection In California

Whistleblower laws protect employees who report their employers to the state or federal government for breaking the law. While employers will often try to circumnavigate laws to make a profit or protect their interests, you need to hold them accountable. A knowledgeable employment lawyer can help you understand the full extent of your rights, so you can take the right action without fearing the consequences from your employer.

All Employer Retaliation Is Illegal

If you have a discrimination, wrongful termination or any other employment law claim against your employer, it is illegal for them to take action against you. Your workers’ rights are your rights, and no one can fault you for standing up for them. We have stood up for workers from the beginning to the end of litigation, shielding them from any employer retaliation that may result.

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A skilled employment attorney shouldn’t be a privilege. We are committed to standing up for all California workers — including those in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco, Irvine and other communities across the region. That commitment begins during a free case evaluation. Should you decide to continue with us, we don’t charge you attorney’s fees unless we are successful in your case.

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