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Protecting Workers Of Every Religion And National Origin

Unfortunately, discrimination based on religion or national origin continues to affect workers across the country. The United States and California each have robust protections in place to ensure all workers are treated fairly, including those of different religions and national origins. It doesn’t matter what country you are from or what deity you worship or don’t worship — Berenji Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, will fight until the very end to ensure you are treated fairly.

Nobody Can Take Away Your Rights

We live in a tumultuous political climate, where you may feel unsafe due to your religion or national origin. But it’s important to remember one thing: Your employer cannot infringe upon your rights to a fair and equal workplace.

No matter where you work in California — whether it’s Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Irvine or any of the nearby communities — your religion or national origin should never put you at a disadvantage in the workplace.

When you are discriminated against, wrongfully terminated or harassed in the workplace due to your religion or national origin, you need to take action. In California, employers must accommodate restrictions based on your religion in the same way they would a disabled worker. An experienced employment lawyer can hold your employer accountable, so you can ensure rights are upheld.

There Is No Risk To Get Started — Call Today

You may be facing formidable attorneys on the other side, but we are a force to be reckoned with. We have secured six- and seven-figure settlements on behalf of our clients, and continue to fight for the values and protections we believe are vital to our society.

We offer free initial consultations to explore the details of your case, and should you choose to continue with us you won’t owe us any attorney’s fees unless we are successful. Call 888-900-2573 or 310-747-5097 to schedule your appointment, or reach out online to get started.