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Terminated Unlawfully? We Won’t Stand For It.

If you have been wrongfully terminated, you will likely feel betrayed, stressed and angry. Wrongful termination, also known as wrongful discharge, can result from numerous circumstances and reasons — including discrimination, harassment, retaliation or any other civil rights issue. When you are terminated unlawfully, Berenji Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, is committed to standing up for your rights.

Prior to starting her own firm, attorney Shadie Berenji worked for some of the nation’s largest employers, and learned what common strategies and tactics many of them try to pursue in the courtroom. We are prepared to combat these tactics and aggressively fight for your right to fair and equal employment, no matter the circumstances.

Every Worker Deserves Fair And Equal Treatment

When your termination is unlawful, it is not uncommon for employers to provide false reasons for your termination so they can get around the law. A seasoned employment lawyer can thoroughly analyze your case to see if the termination was unlawful and if there are additional violations of your legal rights.

There are numerous measures in place to protect every single worker in the country, and California expands upon these protections for workers in our state. No matter where you work — whether it’s Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose or one of the many other surrounding communities — our law firm aims to even the playing field, giving workers a stronger voice in the fight for a fair workplace.

Was your termination based on discriminatory practices? We can help. Workplace discrimination is unlawful in California, and we will fight to ensure justice is served on your behalf.

Reach Out To Our Team Today

At the Berenji Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, if we determine that you are the victim of wrongful termination, we will aggressively pursue legal action to obtain justice for the violation of your employment rights. It costs nothing to get started, and you only pay attorney’s fees if we are successful in securing you compensation. Call 888-900-2573 or 310-747-5097 today to schedule your free initial consultation, or send us an email to speak to a member of our team.