What are the most common workplace discrimination claims?

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California workers in all industries expect to be treated fairly and equally. Although discrimination in the workplace is illegal, it still happens. These are the most common workplace discrimination claims.

Workplace retaliation

Retaliation is reported as the top form of workplace discrimination. It usually occurs when an employee makes a complaint about inappropriate behavior or files a claim for medical leave or workers’ compensation. Workplace retaliation is against the law but is often difficult to prove. However, if you are on the receiving end of it from your employer, you have a right to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a lawsuit.

Discrimination based on disability

Under federal law, employees with disabilities have the same rights as anyone else in the workplace. However, discrimination based on disability happens. It can take many forms: being excluded from certain projects, being denied a raise or promotion, not being hired, being terminated and facing harassment.

Racial discrimination

It’s illegal for employers to discriminate against workers based on their race. Unfortunately, many workplace discrimination claims are filed because employers violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Employers can discriminate against employees for their race through certain actions or inactions. For example, an employer refuses to give Black workers the same pay as other employees.

Sexual discrimination

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their sex, gender identity or sexual orientation. Sexual discrimination is another type of workplace discrimination claim that’s commonly filed by employees.

Age discrimination

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 makes it illegal to discriminate against employees based on their age. Sadly, many people 40 and older face this. It could include acts like being fired in favor of younger employees, being denied raises, promotions and special projects and more.

No one should face discrimination at work. If you’ve gone through it, you have the right to fight back.