California suing a gaming company for harassment

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Sexual harassment remains a prevalent problem in numerous workplaces. The public may not think that the video gaming world experiences many harassment complaints, but news breaking in 2021 reveals that gaming studios now face multiple complaints. In California, the state alleges that gaming giant Riot wants to delay an investigation. The controversy may raise awareness about sexual harassment at other media or entertainment companies.

California investigators and Riot Games capture headlines

California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) publicly suggested that Riot Games “is dragging its heels” regarding a harassment investigation. The DFEH and Riot Games have a history with one another. The California department previously investigated the company in 2018, which resulted in a ruling that arbitration agreements cannot be excluded from government investigations.

The DFEH’s investigations come right after the department uncovered a culture of sexual harassment at Activision Blizzard. The gaming company issued public conciliatory responses over the matter.

The scandal at Riot Games revealed allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse. The company’s reputation may never recover from the controversy. Public perceptions may worsen when more people learn about possible attempts by Riot Games to dissuade workers from speaking to DFEH representatives.

Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment takes many forms and may include inappropriate touching, comments, or gestures. Employee behavior may create a hostile work environment for third parties as well. Management doesn’t always take appropriate action to deal with complaints. Sometimes, an employee may face unlawful sanctions for reporting incidents of harassment.

Documenting all evidence of sexual harassment, such as inappropriate messages or pictures, could help someone’s sexual harassment case. Contacting an attorney to discuss his or her legal options may be another step a victim takes.